In 2002, the museum initiated a long-term Egyptian collection research project, which will result in 4 exhibitions accompanied by comprehensive, scholarly catalogs. The first exhibition dedicated to Predynastic Egyptian pottery, had been on view at the museum from October 2005 until February 2006. Its meticulously researched and handsomely designed catalog, written by Dr. Julius Kaplan, professor emeritus in the CSUSB department of art, in consultation with Dr. Diana Craig Patch, curator from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, was published in September 2005. It has been well received by Egyptologists and general public. Dr. Kaplan and the museum director, Eva Kirsch, are now working on the second exhibition and catalog dedicated to the Dynastic Period of Egyptian history (Early Dynastic through New Kingdom). The exhibition and publication are planned for 2008. Dr. Patch visited the museum in April to personally assist with the second phase of the project – careful examination and dating of objects planned for the catalog inclusion. The catalog will have more than 100 entries encompassing a large variety of objects types and mediums, including stone stelae, burial masks, jewelry, amulets, wood, stone, and bronze statues, as well as all kinds of vessels including ceramic and stone ones.

Predynastic egyptian pottery, in the collection of the robert v. fullerton art museum