Our museum was recently approved to enter the American Association of Museums accreditation process. In April 2006, we started the first part of the process - self study, which we have a year to complete. Out of more than 15,000 museums in the US, only about 800 are accredited. The museum staff realizes that entering this highly demanding accreditation process will be a major challenge, but we all are very excited about the opportunity to take our museum to the next level of excellence. The essential benefits of accreditation such as a greater credibility, accountability, and enhanced overall image are as important to us as undergoing the accreditation process itself.

During the process, we hope to learn a great deal and to apply the acquired knowledge in order to make our museum stronger and better. We will make every effort to operate the museum in accordance with professional standards in the area of ethics and policy as well as in the practical aspects such as exhibitions, storage, conservation, scholarship, publications, and other. We attempt to give our museum a strong sense of purpose, financial stability and clearly defined vision for the future.

By collaborating closely with many involved parties, we will be able to communicate the museum's needs and issues to our parent institution and various stakeholders, who as a result will develop a better understanding and stronger interest in what we do to make this museum work. Reciprocally, we will be able to more effectively coordinate our plans with those of the university, as well as strengthen our role as a valuable neighbor in our large and fast growing community of the Inland Empire.