10 Goals For The Museum's 10th Anniversary

In the fall of 2006, the Museum will celebrate its 10th Anniversary with a series of spectacular exhibitions, programs and special events. One of the highlights of the fall 2006 celebrations will be a stunning exhibition of ancient jewelry representing different cultures from Mesopotamian to early Byzantine. "A Golden Legacy: The Art of Ancient Jewelry from the Burton Y. Berry Collection" exhibition will come to us from Indiana University Art Museum in Bloomington, IN. Another important highlight of the celebration will be a gala evening event with ancient Egyptian theme, including poetry, music, food and drinks. The museum together with the department of art, celebrating the 10th birthday of its impressive facilities, is also planning a large public event with art auction to be held on November 30, 2006.

There are 10 goals the museum staff set up for the museum's 10th Birthday to be accomplished by the fall of 2007:

  1. Successfully complete our AAM accreditation self-study
  2. Organize new storage
  3. Finish electronic collection data entry
  4. Introduce technology to exhibitions
  5. Start endowment fund
  6. Build acquisition fund (from donations and de-accessioning of some of the objects that don't fit the collection
  7. Have the first of 10 planned alumni solo shows
  8. Increase membership base
  9. Complete 60% of the second phase of ancient Egyptian collection research
  10. Celebrate the museum's 10th Birthday with style!